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Typek Copy Paper



Typek Copy Paper

Typek Copy Paper is a locally produce office product favor by businesses, retailers, and stationers for its quality and distinctive red packaging.

White Type 100% Good Quality A4 Copy Paper 80gsm 500sheets, Packing Size (Sheets per pack): 500.0, GSM: Less than 80; Material. Imported 100% Natural Wood Pulp.

Its excellent runnability reduces paper jams for trouble free printing and the low toner abrasion gives it a low dusting propensity.

The paper’s high opacity results in less show through and good double sided printing.

Typek is acid and lignin free which provides archive properties.

Local manufacture of Typek creates and secures jobs. It is a paper that make with care for the environment from a renewable resource. And is recyclable and biodegradable.

Our company is know for providing the best copy paper on the market. Typek Copy Paper is make with a high-quality white core and recycle content that is made to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This paper is perfect for office use, printing and laser printing.

Typek Copy Paper

Typek Copy Paper is a copy paper brand that is design to be environmentally friendly. This paper is make with 50% recycle fiber and is make in the USA. This paper is easy to use and has a light weight feel to it. It is a great paper for those who have an environmentally conscious mind.

Typek Copy Paper is a premium quality paper with a matte finish. The paper is specially coat to resist ink and water, making it perfect for your home or office printer.

This paper is not just for those who need to do copious amounts of writing, but for those who are looking for something better. This paper is extremely durable and long-lasting, and is made with a quality that surpasses most other paper products.

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