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Alpha Trade  ltd has been and still is one of the most sought after activities in USA and Europe. 

Where else better could one envision, more than forty years ago, a purely service orient company.

 which would facilitate trade among companies from all over the world and the local merchant families? 

With this vision Alpha Trading  Ltd was formed back in 1965 as a member of Alpha’s Family.

Alpha’s scope of business has been the provision of marketing services to manufacturers and exporters of mainly foodstuffs and relat commodities, from all over the world. 

With representation of a foreign company, Alpha markets, sells and promotes the principals’ products, reports and advises.

 its principals regularly of the prevailing market conditions for their respective products, keeps its principals fully updated.

 competitors’ activities and ensures that all transactions, be that payments, documentation, shipping or whatever else. 

If needs the Agent’s attention, are carry out smoothly and efficiently for the mutual benefit of the principal.

ABOUT Alpha Trade

 In effect Alpha is the local office of each and every principal. it represents in USA, the Middle East, East Africa and south East Europe . 

With an annual sales turnover of US$320 billion, over one hundred suppliers world-wide and over two hundred customers.

 Alpha is ranked as the top foodstuffs and commodity trading company in USA and one of the top 100 companies for the past 20 years.

“Alpha Trading has been and continues to be a leader in building relationships with trading partners and merchants across the Globe. 

We are proud to serve our customers and business partners, striving for the best and working hard towards a strong future.”


To offer high quality products and service to our increasingly diversifying customer base by adopting innovative and creative practices. To build a corporate foundation based on team work, simplicity and results and form the backbone of our sustained growth.


Foreseeing a world of progress where we discover new realms of customer satisfaction. To become the most respected and sought after trading house in the region be it in customer service or in employee satisfaction


Mr. Ronald Leon Alpha (CEO)

Dr. Carl Nicholas Shinwari (Sales Director)

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