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Paperline Copy Paper


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Paperline Copy Paper For sale 

PAPERLINE Photocopy Paper is a high-quality paper product that you can use as additional office equipment. This Paperline Copy Paper is make of high-quality material and has the right thickness, so it is stronger and not easily torn. This paper is suitable as a paper for copying machines in your area. Present in various sizes, this paper is ideal for you to make choices for the needs in your place.

This is a white paper make with 100% recycle materials. This is perfect for writing, coloring, drawing, or sketching. It is environmentally friendly and uses no trees or other natural resources. It is also biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Paperline Copy Paper is a traditional photocopy paper that has been coat with a thin layer of ink, making it resistant to tearing and ghosting. The ink dries instantly, so there is no smearing or ghosting. It also provides a smooth surface that makes it easy to scan and copy text. This paper is perfect for photocopying documents and is use in copiers, fax machines, printers, and laser printers.

Paperline Copy Paper Online

Paperline Copy Paper is a type of copy paper that has a smooth finish. It is great for printing photos, documents, and other important materials. This copy paper is great for home use, but also can be use in offices and other places where quality is needed.

It is a paper product made from 100% recycle . The company is commit to producing the most environmentally friendly paper possible. The paper is machine-made and recyclable. The product is design to be use for various types of writing, including but not limited to, printing, printing out emails, writing letters, and more.


Smoothness: ≥40 sec
Thickness: 110±2 µm
ISO Brightness: 98±1 %
CIE Whiteness: 165±3 %
ISO Opacity: ≥94 %

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