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Mondi Rotatrim



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Mondi Rotatrim is a multi-functional office paper and runs smoothly through photocopiers, laser, and inkjet printers.

Mondi Rotatrim Features:

– High whiteness

– High opacity

– Excellent bulk

– Uncoated for optimum toner usage

– Smooth surface for excellent runnability

– Outstanding texture


– Weight: 12.3kg

– Dimensions: 210x297mm

– Material: Paper (80 g/m2)

Mondi Rotatrim is a cloth that you wrap around your wrists to keep your hands clean and your fingers separated. It’s like a personal pot scrubber for your hands. The cloth comes in various colors and patterns.

Mondi Rotatrim is a safe and effective product that provides superior performance and protection against contamination. The unique shape of the Mondi Rotatrim™ enables it to rotate easily in the tub, reaching all areas of the drain. The product is suitable for all types of tubs and includes a soft non-slip rubber base.

Mondi Rotatrim

Mondi Rotatrim is a kitchen utensil that is design to mix, blend, and stir food. The utensil consists of a large wood spoon on one end and a smaller circular spoon on the other. The large spoon has a long handle and the small spoon has a short handle. The utensil is dishwasher safe and is make from 100% renewable resources.

The Mondi Rotatrim is a cordless rotary broom with a telescopic handle that allows for greater maneuverability. The cleaning tool has a rotating head that allows for maximum cleaning and can be use on all surfaces.

Mondi Rotatrim is a paper towel holder that comes with an extra-long length of wire. It rotates to turn a standard towel holder into a rack. The holder is also extra-long to accommodate towels that are longer than standard size.

Mondi Rotatrim is a portable, collapsible, lightweight and easy to use herb grinder. This device is perfect for grinding up dry herbs, spices, and other material that you want to use in your cooking. It’s a very useful tool for those who want to make their own spice blends. The grinder is made from a durable stainless steel and features a plastic guard to keep the grinder from getting in contact with the material that you are grinding. It comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transport.

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