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Jasmine Brown Rice

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Jasmine Brown Rice

Jasmine Brown rice is unpolished rice with only the husk removed, it has the germ and bran, unlike white rice. Brown rice is a whole grain, it has higher amounts of complex carbohydrates and fiber which makes you feel fuller longer.

Jasmine Brown Rice, also known as Brown Thai Fragrant Rice, grows in Central provinces of Thailand. When cooked, they yield tender texture with mild, chewier, nutty flavour and distinct aroma. It is rich in nutrients and fibre, which aids digestion and good for health.

It is a delicious, low-carb, and gluten-free snack that you can eat anytime, anywhere. It is easy to prepare, is nutritious, and is ideal for your fitness goals. The unique taste comes from the mix of the aromatic rice and sweet brown sugar.

Camolino Rice

Jasmine Brown Rice For Sale

This is a wholesome, natural whole grain that provides you with the healthy benefits of brown rice and the sweetness of rice. It is perfect for cooking as well as a great option for your next salad.

The taste of Jasmine brown rice is much more flavorful than white rice. It has a nutty, rich flavor and is also gluten-free. It is a good source of iron, manganese, and selenium.

It is a product that is perfect for those who are trying to find a healthier option for rice. This is a whole grain rice that has a mild nutty flavor, that is not too heavy. It has a much lower glycemic index than white rice. It’s also higher in fiber and lower in fat and calories than white rice.

This is a high-quality rice, created with the best ingredients to ensure the rice is not only safe for consumption, but also tastes amazing. This rice is a great option for those with a gluten intolerance or for those who are trying to lose weight.