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Japonica Rice

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Analysis of the finished sequence of japonica rice representing 95% coverage of the genome. And virtually all of the euchromatic regions revealed several characteristic features. A reliable evidence-based annotation has been performed as part of the Rice Annotation Project (RAP). An international collaboration primarily established to conduct genome annotation. On a regular basis through jamboree-style annotation meetings.

Japonica is one of the two major eco-geographical races of O. sativa (O. sativa japonica), the other is Indica.

Gene modeling was perform by ab initio prediction methods using gene prediction programs for functional characterization of the genome. And other available resources such as rice ESTs and a collection of more than 32,000 non-redundant rice full-length cDNA sequences.

This is a type of rice that is grow in Japan. The rice is grow in different colors, with each color representing a different flavor. This product is a variety of white rice.

Japonica Rice For Sale

Japonica Rice is a rice from Japan. It is slightly sweet and has a delicate, buttery flavor. It is perfect for risotto and paella.

The perfect side for any dish, This is not just a grain, but a part of the ancient tradition of Japanese cuisine. The Japonica Rice is make with a unique and incomparable touch of ancient Japanese wisdom, each batch hand-crafted to perfection. With a unique flavor and texture that is perfect for any dish, This Rice is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Japanese rice is know for its unique taste and fluffy texture. It is a favorite for risotto, paella, risotto and sushi. This is a variety of rice grow in the Kanto region of Japan. The region produces about 90% of the world’s Japonica rice, which is a perfect complement to Japanese dishes. It available in five colors, each of which has a slightly different taste and texture.