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Buy Glutinous Rice Online



Buy Glutinous Rice Online

Buy Glutinous Rice Online Sticky rice, also call sweet rice and glutinous rice, is use throughout Asia.  This round-grained rice is immediately recognizable by its sticky, gluelike texture when cooked.

It is the total or near absence of the starch amylose that makes sticky rice so sticky.

Offered in long-grain and short-grain varieties, sticky rice is use in both sweet and savory Chinese dishes. And is most often steam.

Order Glutinous Rice Online

Sticky rice is more expensive than regular white rice, about double the price. Sweet rice or glutinous rice is a very popular ingredient in Korean cuisine.

Also know as “sweet rice” or glutinous rice (though it’s gluten free), sticky rice is a large white grain that becomes translucent, shiny and extremely sticky when steamed.

Sticky rice is a staple in Laos, where it is especially belove, but it has ardent fans throughout Asia. Traditionally, it’s cooked over steam in a conical woven basket.

If you don’t have such a steamer, you can use a standard stacking steamer, a colander lined with muslin or cheesecloth, or a fine mesh strainer that fits over a saucepan.