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Fragrant Rice

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Fragrant Rice For Sale

Buy Fragrant Rice How many times have we thought rice is a blessing? We use it for holy purposes but we also can pressure up a quick pulao or khichdi when hunger pangs are drumming away! This is one grain that is about 98% percent digestible. In India we are familiar with Basmati, Patna or brown rice but it is also available as Italian Rice and Glutinous Rice which is popular in Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

When a rice dish is too dry, adding a splash of water or cooking wine to the rice will make it more flavorful and moist. The rice absorbs the liquid and starts to steam, making the fragrance of the rice more pronounced.

A traditional Thai recipe that is loved by many, fragrant rice is made with Jasmine rice, coconut milk, and a sweeten condensed milk. This is the perfect dessert to make when you have guests over, or when you want to make a dish that’s light and sweet.

Buy Fragrant Rice Online

This particular type of rice is specially design for your cooking needs. It has a pleasant smell and taste, and it cooks quickly. It also doesn’t stick to the pan or burn, so it is perfect for a quick and easy meal.

Buy fragrant rice online at Scentsy.com, the online shop that sells a wide range of scented home fragrance products including candles, wax melts, room sprays, diffusers, and more. This fragrance, known as the “most exotic” of the lot, is a blend of cedarwood and bergamot.

Fragrant Rice: Fragrant Rice is a traditional Indian product, cooked with butter and spices to produce a fragrant dish. It’s one of the best-selling food products in Japan, where its popularity can be attribut to its taste and how well it complements dishes. It’s also very affordable, which is perfect for those who are on a budget. This is use to make a variety of Japanese dishes, such as tempura, oden, and soba noodles.

Jasmine Rice