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Thai Hom Mali Rice

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Thai Hom Mali rice has been center stage at international competitions many times, most recently at the World Rice Conference held in Dubai early this month. When it was recognized with the World’s Best Rice Award 2021 for a second consecutive year. The global prize underlines the top quality of Thai rice, which has taken home the top prize seven times from a total of13 World Rice Conferences.

Thai Hom Mali rice has its own scent which is natural and pure. It smells like jasmine and is softer than other types of rice. The best quality Jasmine Rice which has long-slender, translucent, silky, smooth grain, and low content of chalky kernel.

The Thai Hom Mali Rice blend is a product that can be use in the rice cooker or in the oven. It contains Jasmine Rice, Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, and Wild Rice. The rice is a gluten-free and vegan product.

This is a product that is make from traditional Thai rice that is spice with a mix of red and green chilies. It is then season with coconut milk, coconut oil, and salt. The rice is simmer in coconut milk and coconut oil to create a fragrant and aromatic rice dish. It is typically served with chicken, pork, or beef, as well as vegetables and herbs.

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This rice dish is a classic Thai rice dish that can be find in most Thai restaurants. It is make with sticky rice, jasmine rice, sugar, and fish sauce, then stir fried with coconut milk, dried red chiles, and lime juice.

It is a traditional, fragrant rice dish with a bold, delicious flavor that is always serve with grilled chicken.

It is the perfect rice for a Thai or other Asian-inspired dish. The rice is the perfect amount of sticky, the right amount of firm, and the right amount of moist. It also has a delicious fragrance, and the best part is that it is incredibly easy to cook.

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