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Broken rice



Broken rice For Sale

EVA RICE MILL is the top supplier of the best grade 100% broken clean white rice. Even, none discolored grains, fully sortexed without foreign matter such as free millet. Wheat or paddy grains. Our broken rice does not carry red streaked kernels or damaged grains to be used in baby cereals and other sophisticated branded grain foods/ingredients. This is silky polished rice meets the food standards code and is likely by multi-nationals and leading manufacturers in their food processing.

It is available in both basmati broken and non-basmati white grades. Suiting the needs, this Rice Pakistani rice is using in making rice flours free from gluten.

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This is damaged white rice that is while processing the Paddy. During the milling process, grain fragments of which the length does not exceed three quarters of the average length of the whole grain, are separated from the white rice. This is classed as broken rice. A grain of broken rice gives a low fibre texture and low nutrient level while retaining its high energy.

You can buy rice in a variety of forms, including as a whole grain, brown rice, or white rice. White rice is made from white rice, a type of short-grain rice. When you buy white rice, it’s usually the white, or polished, version of brown rice, which has been polished and de-husked. The husks have been removed, so white rice is softer and more absorbent than brown rice. White rice is cooked with water in a pot with a tight-fitting lid. Brown rice is cooked with a generous amount of water, covered, and allowed to steam until the water is absorbed. Brown rice is also whole grain and has a more nutty taste than white rice.

You’ll get a bag of white, short-grain rice, perfect for cooking pilafs, rice bowls, and risotto.