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Buy Salmon Fish Online

salmon are the largest of the seven Pacific salmon species. Like all salmon, they’re anadromous—they migrate between freshwater and the open ocean throughout their lifetimes. Nine populations of chinook salmon are protect under the Endanger Species Act.

The salmon spend about one to five years (depending on the species) in the open ocean, where they gradually become sexually mature. The adult salmon then return primarily to their natal streams to spawn.

Atlantic salmon spend between one and four years at sea. When a fish returns after just one year’s sea feeding, it is called a grilse in Canada, Britain, and Ireland.

Buy Salmon Fish Online Salmons include seven species of Pacific salmon and one species of Atlantic salmon. They’re find in tributaries of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and most species are anadromous: They are born in streams and rivers, migrate out to the open sea, and then return to freshwater again to reproduce. 

Salmon can make amazing journeys, sometimes moving hundreds of miles upstream against strong currents and rapids to reproduce.

Chinook and sockeye salmon from central Idaho, for example, travel over 1,400 km (900 mi) and climb nearly 2,100 m (7,000 ft) from the Pacific Ocean as they return to spawn. Condition tends to deteriorate the longer the fish remain in fresh water, and they then deteriorate further after they spawn, when they are know as kelts.