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Buy Peruvian Anchoveta

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Buy Peruvian Anchoveta

The Peruvian anchoveta is a small fish that lives in the southeast Pacific Ocea. Buy Peruvian Anchoveta primarily off the coasts of Chile and Peru.

It lives in the productive waters of upwelling zones, where deep nutrient-rich seawater is buy to the surface by the prevailing currents.

Peruvian anchoveta feeds in these zones and form massive schools that may be several kilometers across.

Commercial fisheries heavily exploit these schools, making the Peruvian anchoveta by far the largest fishery, by both numbers of individuals and by weight, in the history of fishing. Buy Peruvian Anchoveta

The sea that bathes the more than 3,000 km of coastline that Peru has, is one of the richest and most productive in the world.

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The convergence of water masses of different temperatures, such as the cold Humboldt current and the warm Equatorial Countercurrent, added to the winds that blow along the Peruvian coast, give rise to a natural recirculation or outcrop system, that carry to the surface of the sea waters  very rich in nutrients and mineral salts.

Anchovy is a resource that is very rich in micronutrients that are not usually found in basic foods. It has an important content of lysine and other essential amino acids in addition to minerals, such as potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium, which far exceed those of chicken or beef. It also concentrates a remarkable presence of vitamin A and D in its fat component.

As it has been demonstrat in countless scientific studies, the EPA and DHA fatty acids contain in Omega3 from peruvian anchovy, have proven effects in the prevention of various coronary diseases, are of high importance for the formation of the central nervous system and the retina of the eye, noticeably strengthen the immune system and have anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effects.