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Buy Cod Fish Online

Buy Cod Fish Online The life cycle of codfish starts with spawning. Codfish are slow swimmers but can travel up to 200 miles to breeding grounds during mating season.

They can reproduce all year but migrate to warmer waters during spring and winter. Spawning occurs from January to April, with March and April being peak months.

Their depth range during this time is 660ft. As part of courtship, male codfish display their fins and grunt.

Females can lay up to 500 million eggs. After they lay the eggs in batches, males compete to fertilize them. The eggs are vulnerable to the elements, and most get eaten by other fish and sea creatures.

The remaining hatch in 8-23 days, with larvae being transparent in appearance and only 0.16in length. Their size increases 40 times after 10 weeks as they eat phytoplankton and zooplankton, later consuming small crustaceans. At 6 months, they reach 3.1in (8cm) in length.