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New Shipping Containers

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45 Ft High Cube Containers

 New Shipping Containers High-cube they are similar in structure to standard containers but taller. These are ideal for voluminous, oversized, or bulky cargo like building materials, cars, long lumber, and big pieces of machinery. You can buy new or used 45ft high cube containers that are great for storing or exporting products with a high cubic capacity.

High-cube they are 9 feet 6 inches tall, as opposed to our usual 8-foot-6-inch container height. There is greater room to stack stored stuff higher and to transport lightweight, bulky cargo. All our 45ft high cube containers for sale are made of strong corrugate steel, have multiple lashing points, and are rodent- and weather-proof.

This 45FT shipping container is the storage solution you’ve been looking for. Durable, secure, portable, stackable, and easily modified to suit your requirements. Shipping containers are the most versatile storage and transport solution available.

 New Shipping Containers

The popular Containers are available in a variety of sizes and colors. With a strong aluminum frame and extra-thick walls, these containers are design to hold up to anything you throw at them. They are the perfect solution for packaging, shipping, and storage.

With their sturdy, compact design, the containers are ideal for sending parcels to locations that are remote or difficult to access. Their high-quality construction means they can handle the most demanding use. The  are make from galvanized steel and are designed to provide extra strength. The walls are thick and they come with double doors and vents. They are design to protect the contents of the container during transport.

New Shipping Containers is a company that provides containers for storage, packaging, shipping, and transporting goods. New Shipping Containers provides a wide variety of containers to fit any need, and can even help you find the right size container for your shipment.

40ft New Shipping Container