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20ft Open Trip Container

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20ft Open Trip Container

20ft Open Trip Container Side opening containers are an engineering masterpiece. The design has amazing versatility with hinged doors opening on one side of the container and another set of double doors on one end.

Made from durable corrosion-resistant Corten steel, this 20FT Conex container is perfect for your home or business storage needs. Shipping containers are very secure, watertight, and portable, should you need to relocate. Our containers are manufacture to the highest standards with welded tie-down points included on both upper and lower rails, ten air vents to ensure good airflow, a lockbox for additional security, and a heavy-duty marine grade plywood floor that safeguards your valuables, keeping them clean and dry.

Warranty: 10 YEARS

If you’re looking for a high quality container for long-term storage or transport, the 20ft Open Trip Container is a great option. This container is a strong and durable alternative to a steel shipping container, and is make with aluminum, which makes it much lighter. The door and frame are make of steel, and the frame is support by 8 large wheels that allow it to be easily maneuvere.

20ft Open Trip Container For Sale

Dimensions: 20FT Long x 8FT Wide x 9FT 6IN TallTare

Weight: 4,630 lbs (2100 Kg)

Maximum Payload: 62,570 lbs (28,380 Kg)

Volume (Storage Space): 1,322 cu ft (37.4 M3)

20ft open side containers are equippy with a cargo door on one end as well as a side door that opens in sections. These containers are reinforce to allow the entire side wall to open. There are a few different door configurations made so please ask us for more information about open-side containers. These units are only available in like new or “one trip” condition. Open Side Containers are ideal for uses requiring some sort of display, such as architectural or retail purposes. In addition to the open side, these containers can also be equipped with a variety of different customizations.

20ft New Shipping Container