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20ft New Shipping Container

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20ft New Shipping Container

20ft New Shipping Container is perfect for your home or business storage needs. Shipping containers are very secure, watertight, and portable, should you need to relocate. Our containers manufactures to the highest standards. With welded tie-down points included on both upper and lower rails. Along with ten air vents to ensure good airflow, a lockbox for additional security. And a heavy-duty marine grade plywood floor that safeguards your valuables, keeping them clean and dry.


Warranty: 10 YEARS

Dimensions: 20FT Long x 8FT Wide x 8FT 6IN Tall

Tare Weight: 4,920 lbs (2,230 Kg)

Maximum Payload: 62,280 lbs (28,250 Kg)

Volume (Storage Space): 1,172 cu ft (33.2 M

20ft New Shipping Container for sale

Shipping containers have been a popular way to store and transport goods since they were first introduced in the 1940s. These large, sturdy, steel boxes are divide into sections that allow goods to be transport efficiently and safely. A 20ft shipping container is approximately the size of a 20×8 foot room, and is typically use for storage, shipping, and trade purposes.

The most common two sizes of shipping containers sold in North America are 20-foot and 40-foot units. The measurement is the length of the unit. So, All containers transported by cargo ship need to be fix width of 8 feet. The only exception is 53ft containers, which are make to rail standards. 53ft containers are 8ft 6in wide.

Standard containers are 8ft 6in tall / High Cube is 9ft 6in tall. Conex Depot stocks both sizes. The best seller in 40ft containers is the High Cube (HC) variation. Generally, customers only buy standard (STD) containers if they have height restrictions at the delivery site.

This 20ft container is made of steel and has a lid and lock. It can be used as a portable storage unit and is easy to move. It also comes with a hand truck.

20 ft X 8ft Dry Freight ISO Container With Double Doors