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40ft High Cube Reefer Container

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40ft High Cube Reefer Container A Refrigerated , also referred to as is an intermodal shipping . Mainly, used for the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo. Such as food items (meat, ice cream, fruit, etc) as well as non-food items. For instance, flowers, pharmaceuticals, and other products. That require a constant chilled or frozen temperature for the duration of the transit.

High Cube containers are manufactured 1 foot taller than a standard height container. To accommodate over-height cargo.

40ft High Cube Reefer Container Specifications

Width: 2438 mm

Length: 12192 mm

Height: 2896 mm


The advantages

  • Wind and waterproof;
  • Suited for Transport;
  • 30 cm higher than standard containers;
  • Lowest energy consumption;
  • Lowest net weight;
  • The Lowest noise factor;
  • Superior operator interface and advanced humidity management;
  • Temperatures can be set from -40 °C up to +35 °C, depending on the model.
  • Containers are thoroughly checked before delivery and all of them carry a valid CSC date. Which meets the international quality standards for your safety;
  • Containers can be delivered worldwide.
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