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30ft Used Shipping Container

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30ft Used Shipping Container

30ft Used Shipping Container We create 30fts by taking new or second-hand 40fts and cutting them into two new containers. One 30 ft and one 10 ft. 10ft containers are in high demand too. So the cost of the conversion work is spread across the two boxes. Not only does cutting down used containers produce a wider choice of sizes. But also allows them to be refurbished with new steel doors.

Picture a whole metal box cut up into two pieces – only one will have the door remaining intact. So we have to fabricate a new door to complete the other newly created container. Often we are asked to fit doors on the side for easier access or add windows and pedestrian doors for use as a workshop or office space. The 30ft is also a common size for industrial-style conversions such as biomass boiler houses or for housing heavy machinery, where vents, sliding roofs, and more complex engineering work is required. Check this out for an example.

30ft Standard Containers


Width: 8ft (2430mm – 2450mm)

Height: 8ft 6ins (2590mm)


Length        29ft 4ins

A 30ft used shipping container is a shipping container used to transport goods during their trip to the destination. It is often used to transport things such as bulk food and chemicals. The shipping container is usually made of steel, and can be easily secured with a lock and has windows on the sides.

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