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Buy 40ft New Shipping Container

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Buy 40ft New Shipping Container

Buy 40ft New Shipping Container are also available as high cubes. High cube containers are a foot taller than standard units, and also make excellent structures to convert into something else. From office conversions to plant rooms and workshops a converted metal box provides a practical, multi-purpose space, giving you the highest levels of security and flexibility that any structure can offer.

We can also modify 40-foot containers, second-hand, refurbished, or new, to produce any other size you require, including 10ft containers and 15ft containers which are popular for smaller spaces and storage loads. Or if you don’t quite have the room for a 40ft but still require a large container, we can provide 30ft containers. We also specialize in joining them together to create larger spaces. Popular modifications include ply lining and cladding as well as windows and doors on the side.

Buy 40ft New Shipping Container

Shipping containers are very secure, watertight, and portable, should you need to relocate. Our containers are manufacture to the highest standards with welded tie-down points included on both upper and lower rails, ten air vents to ensure good airflow, and a heavy duty marine grade plywood floor that safeguards your valuables, keeping them clean and dry.

The shipping container is perfect for building a new home or renovating your current home. It is make from steel and comes with a reinforced roof, doors, and floors. The container has a sturdy door hinge that can handle up to 20 tons of weight and can be use as a base for your storage shed.

40ft New Shipping Container For Sale

This is a shipping container, a storage unit that is used to ship goods and materials. You can have one delivered to your house or business and can use it to hold a variety of things, from appliances to food. These containers are available in a variety of sizes and can also be used as a temporary office or workstation.


Warranty: TEN YEARS

Dimensions: 40FT Long x 8FT Wide x 8FT 6IN Tall

Tare Weight: 8,270 lbs (3,750 Kg)

Maximum Payload: 58,930 lbs (26,730 Kg)

Volume (Storage Space): 2,386 cu ft (67.6 M3)

40ft High Cube Used Shipping Containers