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15ft ModiBox Office Container

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15ft ModiBox Office Container

15ft ModiBox Office Container anywhere from 10-15 years old, and will be ex-shipping lines. This means they will have traveled and been handled in different ports across the world, leading to signs of wear and tear e.g. dents, scrapes, surface rust, and patch repairs. These containers are good if you are working on a tight budget. Or if aesthetics aren’t as important. However, in order to improve the external appearance. All of our used containers under 20ft all come with a free repaint as standard!

The ModiBox is a large, office-friendly container that can be configure to hold all of your office essentials. This container is design to house desks, chairs, and even conference room furniture. The office container is a great way to house your company’s desks and furniture, or even to use as an office for personal use.


Used ModiBox office package. The package price includes:

Every year, Hollywood sets a new box office record. But in 2017, the industry felt a shift. Movies that used to dominate the top 10 list, suddenly didn’t do as well as expected. Many movies that were once in contention for awards, have now found themselves on the “snubbed” list. So what happened? In the last decade, Hollywood has made a shift from making films that appeal to the general public, to films that appeal to a specific niche. In 2017, Hollywood saw a massive surge of films that focused on diverse issues, and with that came the need for an office space to discuss those issues. That’s where the 15ft ModiBox comes in. This ModiBox is a perfect place for your office. It has been design with both form and function in mind. It’s made of eco-friendly materials and is easy to assemble. The 15ft ModiBox is also versatile. You can use it as an office space, a guest room, or even as a coffee shop.

1 anti vandal window + 1 door

Melamine-lined and insulated

Vinyl flooring

Painted to a Standard RAL (green, blue, grey, black)

Electrics package – 2 x double socket, 1 x heater, 1 x 5ft strip light, 1 x consumer unit and external hook-up.

15ft ModiBox Office Container.

have only been use once to transport the shipping container from the country of manufacture to the UK. Although these shipping containers are considere “new” in the shipping industry, they are also refer to as “Once-Use” due to their one transportation journey. As they will have been filled with cargo to get here and handled once in port, minor scrapes and the odd dent may be visible. Both used and new containers are structurally sound. Any signs of wear and tear are purely cosmetic.

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