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The women behind Tuesday Foods aim to make clean eating convenient in mountain towns


DSC6197 1024x683 - The women behind Tuesday Foods aim to make clean eating convenient in mountain towns
Kelly Hollins and Lisa Cohen from Tuesday Foods.
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We all have the best intentions — especially when it comes to New Year's resolutions — but when it comes to actually implementing healthy habits, time, energy, and other obstacles can throw us off course. That's where Tuesday Foods comes in. Food delivery service brings perfectly prepared seasonal, plant-based, organic meals straight to your door.

Lisa Cohen and Kelly Hollins launched Tuesday Foods in April 2019. Based in Carbondale, the food service has served the Roaring Fork Valley and expanded to the Boulder, Denver and Vail areas.

Cohen and Hollins started the company to provide an easy solution to eating clean and healthy food. As a nutritionist in private practice, Cohen noticed that the people she trained knew what to do, but often had difficulty doing so consistently when it came to eating healthy. She partnered with Hollins, a vegan chef and health coach, to bridge the gap between knowing what to eat and actually following through.

“So many people have a desire to eat better, but in our small mountain towns we don't have enough options for really clean, really good, ready-to-eat food,” Hollins said. “I knew we could offer a solution that was delicious, beautiful and exciting. “I wanted to bring fun and flavor to plant-based food.”

Tuesday Foods offers a variety of meal plans, which customers order online on Friday and receive on Tuesday. Let's Do Lunch starts at $205 per week and includes five 16-ounce lunch portions of soup, salad, a Buddha Bowl and an entrée. Customers can add additional items to customize their menu. The Signature Program starts at $375 and includes a 32-ounce serving of soup, salad, entree, Buddha Bowl and fresh herbs, toppings, dressings and sauces, treats, chia pudding, crudites and two house-made dips. It is designed to feed one person for five days. Customers can also stock organic smoothies in their freezer for an additional fee.

“People are attracted to us for the convenience,” Cohen said. “(They're) filled with absolutely beautiful food that you take out of the jar and it takes less than five minutes to prepare.”

Although Tuesday Foods is all plant-based, most customers are not strictly plant-based eaters. And, the food is so incredibly fresh and delicious that even the pickiest eaters – or vegetable haters – can enjoy the dishes.

“We've been working on recipes for several years, adapting them to meet needs,” Cohen said. He added that besides everything being organic, it is also gluten and refined sugar free.

A staff of private chefs prepare dishes, which change weekly throughout the year.

“[We get inspiration for the recipes]from many places — travel, especially — and eating out, cookbooks, blogs and other adventurous chefs we work with,” Hollins said. “A lot of our dishes were the evolution of a single idea that incorporated a lot of inspiration. We have a lot of fun dreaming up ideas in the kitchen and sharing our food experiences with each other.”

In addition to being committed to clean, delicious food, Tuesday Foods is also dedicated to a clean environment. It uses glass jars to pack each portion and uses online instructions instead of paper. Then, everything is cleaned and reused for a zero-waste experience.

While most food delivery services are made up of kits, Tuesday Foods offers fully prepared meals that you can take out and reheat (if necessary). Unlike mail delivery services, its Carbondale-based kitchen ensures the freshest ingredients.

Currently, Tuesday Foods serves approximately 40-60 people per week. It also offers juice cleansing once a month, but right now, this service is only available in the Roaring Fork Valley.

“A lot goes into completing each weekly production, and we have such a capable, dedicated and dynamic team,” Hollins said. “We feel fortunate to have each of them every day.”

For more information: tuesdayfoods.co

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