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Zinc Aluminium Roofing Sheet

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Zinc Aluminium Roofing Sheet

Zinc Aluminium Roofing Sheet  We are remarkable entity, engaged in offering superior quality Zinc Aluminium Coated Roofing Sheet.

Specification and use:

Coated material: Aluminium Zinc

Sheet material: Steel

Widely demanded in industrial areas, houses, etc

Ideal for roofing purpose


Excellent durability

Fine finish

Rugged design

its is a metal roofing material. It is a lightweight and economical roofing material. It is make of two layers of aluminium with a layer of zinc in between.

Zinc Aluminium Roofing Sheet

It has a white or silver-grey color and comes in sheets that are make to measure. it is use for roofing on residential and commercial buildings.

it is a  material which provides protection against the elements.

This roofing  is make of zinc and aluminium which are both highly durable and will not rust.

This is sell in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate any size roof. This roofing material is ideal for any residential or commercial building.

This roofing sheet is make of a tough zinc-aluminium alloy that is perfect for roofing, roof repairs, and other roofing projects.

It is lightweight and easy to handle, and will not corrode, peel, or discolor. This roofing sheet is available in 24”x96” sheets, and can be purchased in bulk.

Zinc Aluminium

The zinc aluminium is make from a highly durable alloy that is guarantee to last up to 30 years.

The product is also highly resistant to corrosion and rust, meaning that the product will stay looking good for years to come.that The  sheet is also fire resistant, which is an added bonus.

this is a product design to be use for roofs. It is made from a zinc and aluminium alloy, and is resistant to corrosion. This product is sell in 12 ft x 12 ft sheets, and is ideal for industrial and commercial applications.