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White wood

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White wood lumber includes a number of different softwood species, primarily white fir but also pine, hemlock, and spruce. It features high fiber strength and easy work ability.

  • 2 inches x 10 inches x 8 feet
  • Surfaced on 4 sides
  • Kiln dried

The actual product may contain different characteristics common and natural to organic material such as color variations, grain patterns, knots, and wane.

Simple, functional, and elegant. The wood has a soft glow to it, and it’s an interesting contrast to the cool metal and sleek glass of the electronics that are housed inside. The product is a simple, minimalist looking case for iPhone 5 and 5s. The case has a smooth, glossy surface, with a hint of gold accents in the material. It has a nice, soft texture that is comfortable to hold and use. The case also comes with a free screen protector and a free dust cloth.

White wood For Sale

Green leaves. Shimmering stars. A clean, natural beauty is what this tree is all about. It has a white wood with green leaves that are shimmering with stars. It is perfect for any living room or office space.

Pale yellow, almost golden, with a soft sheen. Shimmering and sparkling like tiny diamonds, these pieces of furniture make the perfect addition to any home. These beautiful bookshelves are made of quality wood, and the shelves can be adjust to fit your needs.

Hand-carved oak. Wood burning fireplace. This is the perfect space for a relaxing evening in front of a crackling fire. This 4 piece set is the perfect size for a living room or den. The table top is make of a hardwood and has a sanded finish. The rectangular wood base is finished in a cherry wood color.

White metal. White plastic. The only thing that stands out in the white kitchen is the splash of color in the form of the wooden cutting board. It’s a fun and whimsical addition to the room. This simple wooden cutting board is a playful addition to any kitchen. The white and wooden design is the perfect contrast to brighten up any space.