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Red Oak

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This is a type of wood. It is reddish-brown and is often used in furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and in the manufacturing of barrels. Red Oak

Get your hands on a wood you’ve never tried before! It’s simple. Samples are milled on all sides to the standard size of 1/2” X 3” X 6”, as determine by The International Wood Collectors Society, and include the shipping cost within the 48 U.S. Each one is label with the botanical and common names. Use these to test finishes and stains, to compare color and grain characteristics, etc.

Why Choose Red Oak?

A classic distinctive grain pattern in strong and durable wood. Red oak is not a bad choice for a beginner woodworker who needs a nice wood that’s tough enough for furniture, yet not too heavy or hard to work with basic tools.

This is a fine, dense wood with a warm brown hue. This lumber is very strong and resistant to decay.

Buy Oak. This is a general category for furniture make from This oak. It is a common type of wood use in construction and furniture making. The wood is very durable and strong, making it perfect for construction. This oak can be stain or paint to create the color you want.

We have the best red oak planks in the world. This oak is a great wood for construction and can be use for furniture, floors, stairs, beams, and joists. We offer different widths and lengths in red oak.

This Oak is a type of wood with a deep red color. This oak trees are large and wide, with a deep and wide root system. This oak is use for furniture, flooring, and cabinets.

The oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. It is one of the strongest trees in the world and has a long lifespan. It is also use for things like furniture, flooring, and wine barrels.