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OINP Waste Paper

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OINP Waste Paper

Waste Paper We collect Korean, America, European OINP and we load containers at our won yard. And, we supply accurate information for all container. That’s why we can guarantee you quick reaction and fast loading job as well as the best quality. We have dealt with trustful buyers from various countries and never let them down yet. In terms of product quality, wight, humidity and packaging, we are proud of our products.

Order  Waste Paper is a type of paper that is 100% recycled. It is create from waste paper, and the paper is compostable. The paper is completely recyclable and has a high level of sustainability.

This is the place to get quality, environmentally friendly paper products. OINP is make from 100% recycle paper and is designe to be use in offices, home, and schools.

Waste paper is a general term for paper that is discard, often as a result of business or home usage. Buy OINP Waste Paper is an eco-friendly and sustainable product that is make from recycled materials. Buy Waste Paper is create from old magazines, newspaper, paper scraps, cardboard, and other products that would otherwise be discard. The material is then cut, shape, and forme into new paper.

Buy OINP Waste Paper is a material make from recycled paper. The recycled paper is first pulped to break down the fibers, then ground into a fine powder, and finally processed to create a rigid material. OINP Waste Paper is a cost-effective material that can be use in a variety of applications.

We offer a variety of products for your home or office. Our product range includes baskets, paper shredders, and trash cans.

Packing : Standard Exportation Packing
Loading : about 19.8 metric ton per one 20″ container
Container loading : within in a week from deposit
Vessel departure : Soonest schedule after container loading.
* Factory inspection from buyer -> Available