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OCC Waste Paper

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OCC Waste Paper

We are engaged in making available a comprehensive range of Waste Paper scraps. OCC Waste Paper The offer range is extensively use to make new items such as beautiful envelopes, greeting cards, paper bags, books, and notepads. These paper scraps are also free from impurities and other attachments. Our range is strictly checked on variegated parameters in order to ensure the offered range is at par with international quality standards and norms.

OCC Waste Paper is a Canadian company that creates a range of high-quality paper products. Their products are make from 100% recycled materials, and are environmentally friendly. They are a reputable company that has been around for over 100 years. Waste Paper creates a variety of paper products including stationery, toilet paper, and printing paper.

Waste Paper is a cleaning product made of pure soap and water that leaves no chemical residue. The cleaner is package in a dispenser that makes it easy to use, and it is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Waste Paper is a type of compostable material make from 100% organic waste. It is often used in eco-friendly restaurants, and is made from non-toxic waste, so it is a great choice for consumers.

OCC Waste Paper For Sale

Eco friendly
Content : 99%
Moisture:6% max PRODUCT Old Corrugated Cardboards OCC 11

OCC consists of corrugated containers having liners of test liner, jute, or Kraft.
Prohibitive Materials may not exceed 1%Total Out throws may not exceed 5% Double-Sorted Old Corrugated Cardboards (DSOCC).

-ONP.-OINP.-Maganize.-OCC.-Flyleaf Shaving.-Sorted Office Paper.-43 Coated Book Stock.-White Tissue Waste paper.-Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directories.-Waste newsprint paper.

Double-sorted OCC consists of used corrugated boxes generated from indoor industrial sources. The cartons are sort at the source and again before baling to provide the cleanest and driest form of post-consumer unbleach Kraft available. Soft White Shavings/ White paper cuttings.

Consists of baled unprinted coated and uncoated shaving and sheets of white ground wood-free printing paper. Prohibitive materials none permitted total out throws may not exceed 1%