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Buy Frozen Pork Sternum

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Buy Frozen Pork Sternum

Are you interested in Pork Sternum Bone? Buy Frozen Pork Sternum  At Alimentos Grole we are specialized in the trade of high-quality bones and other pork meat cuts. As an international trader of pork products, we source all pork cuts from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America.

Alimentos Grole S.A. de C.V. offers all cuts of high-quality pork meat. Our pork sternum bones are available all year round. We source our quality pork sternum bones with great care at our pork abattoirs and slaughterhouses where we’ve got a wealth of talented and experienced employees working to serve you the best quality pork sternum bone.

Pork sternum bones are cuts from the breast of a pig and hold nice tender meat.

Frozen Pork Sternum Bone Packaging

bag: 11.81 x 23.62 in 58mic vacuum-packed

case 183.07 x 104.33 x 82.68 in + 3 dividers

4 units per case

Weight 40 lb case

Pallets: 98 boxes/pallet

Shelf Life: 18 months

Frozen: keep frozen at -18℃

Frozen Pork Sternum for sale. We make available highly hygienically processed Frozen Pork Neck. We are a quality drive and make sure that the offer lot is prepare using the premium grade raw material.

Frozen Pork Sternum for sale and Also, we make sure that it is source from the certified vendors. The clients can stay assured with us for their transactions, as our payment methods are quite safe and reliable.