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Frozen pork belly sheet

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Frozen pork belly sheet ribbed

Frozen pork belly sheet Pork A-Grade Belly, Boneless, Rindless, Without Softbone 20/50 and other distinguished pork cuts – always suppliy from Fresh produce at Le Porc Gourmet S.A.Your order will be carefully pack in a box insulated with biodegradable foam, along with ice packs to maintain proper temperature.

Product Category: Raw Pork

Type: Frozen Pork B-Grade Belly Boneless 20/50

Country of Origin: Spain

The butcher rolled the pork belly into a thin sheet and, after a quick brine, put it in the freezer.

The most famous and famous-est dish in the world, bacon wrapped shrimp. With a little bit of sweet and sour and a little bit of spice, this dish is the perfect appetizer for your party.

Made from premium, locally-sourced pork belly, these frozen sheets are a savory, savory delight. Made from a mixture of pork belly and pork back fat, these sheets are savory and decadent. They are infuse with savory and sweet spices to create a flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. They are great for frying or baking and are ready to use straight out of the freezer.

Frozen pork belly sheet

Our pork belly sheets are carefully trimme to remove the excess fat, then hand-pressed into sheets, sliced, and flash frozen. They are then slice and individually packaged in foil to ensure they stay fresh.

The secret to a tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth experience is in the careful cooking of the pork belly. Carefully covere in foil and place in the oven, it’s cook to perfection and ready to be serve in minutes.

When you need a hearty meal that’s easy to make, you want something that’s quick and delicious. That’s where these frozen pork belly sheets come in. With their juicy, tender, and savory flavor, these sheets are perfect for a quick and easy dinner that is sure to please.

This versatile pork product is perfect for any dish. It can be cut into chunks and fry or slice and roaste. The fat and lean meat can be separate with a knife, making it easy to use in soups, stews, or for grilling.