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Buy Frozen Chicken Neck



Buy Frozen Chicken Neck

We are Chicken HOUSE Company Direct exporter of clean international standard frozen chicken. Buy Frozen Chicken Neck 

The other chicken parts with the best low price to keep the best long-term business relationship.

We produce Frozen Whole Halal Chicken from Size (1000grams – 1200grams) grams and strictly follow halal norms.

Our Frozen Whole Halal Chicken is packed in a number 10 in corrugated cartons, transported to a port in refrigerated vehicles, and then exported in reefers to destined countries.

Our Frozen Whole Halal Chicken quality is according to EU norms, and the Islamic law facility is HACCP, GMP & HALAL certified and registered as exporters with Export Inspection Agency.

We can supply frozen whole chicken, chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken legs, and chicken meat at a reasonable price.

Frozen chicken
1. Whole frozen chicken
2. Frozen chicken wings
3. Frozen chicken legs
4. Frozen chicken meat
5 . Frozen chicken feet

we can supply kinds of frozen chicken cuts, 1. the whole frozen chicken 2. frozen chicken wings 3. frozen chicken legs
we have been exporting frozen chicken overseas for more than 15 years now, we can make sure the outstanding quality and the lowest price for you. If you need. Please feel free to contact us.