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Buy Frozenbelly Tibia Bone

Original price was: $900.00.Current price is: $850.00.


Buy Frozenbelly Tibia Bone

Our offer product is process from naturally grow PIG at our vendors end. This product is hygienically process and is provided in various specifications like Our clients can avail the healthy and nutritious at competitive market leading prices. Clients can avail the offer product from us at market leading prices.

We select and separate the pork front feet from the hind feet. They are perfectly clean, withouthairs, bruises and brokenbones. The tendon is always intact. Pork Feet are pack in 10kgs fixed weight carton boxes. The average length of a front foot – 17-18 cm. The average weight of one foot – 390-430 g.
Our frozen pork is well treated, inspect by SGS before shipping and comes with Valid Health Certificates.

Packaging in 10kg or 20kg carton boxes , loading 26-27 MT per container.

Diced & Portion-Cut Items
For diced and portion-cut items, the maximum fat thickness at any one point is evaluat by
determining the areas on the edges of either side of the dice or portion-cut which has the thick
amount of fat, and measuring the thickness (depth) of fat in these areas.

Buy Frozenbelly Tibia Bone

The average fat
thickness is evaluat by visually determining the various areas of surface fat and taking
multiple measurements in these areas. The average shall be determine by evaluating the
amount of surface area that each thickness represents.

The actual measurements of fat are make on the edges of the cut and by probing or scoring the
fat surface as necessary in a manner that reveals the actual fat thickness.

For portion-cut
items, the bridging and/or the planing methods shall be applly to take into account any natural
depression occurring in a muscle and/or when a seam of fat occurs between adjacent muscles.

However, when fat limitations for  Surface Membrane
Removed are specify, the bridging method shall be use for evaluating fat above a natural
depression in a muscle and fat occurring between adjacent muscles.