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Buy Veal Meats Online

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Buy Veal Meats Online

Veal Meats is known for its high quality, tenderness and intensity of flavour. Buy Veal Meats Online The fine-grained texture of our veal makes it tangibly tender and versatile to prepare.

Veal in general is easy to digest and low in cholesterol. The Netherlands Nutrition Centre advises: veal is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B1, vitamin D, proteins and iron.

Veal is a lean meat, low in sodium and it forms part of the Food Pyramid. Click here for more information about veal.

Veal comes from young cattle. Their age is usually around 6 to 7 months.

A calf remains a calf until one year of age – after which it is called a bovine.

The meat is then referred to as beef. Until 8 months, veal is light pink in colour. Peter’s Farm veal falls in this category.

The composition of the feed that calves eat depends on the age of the animals and can affect the colour of the veal.

Order Veal Meats Online

The development of the meat colour genetically determined in part, too. Click here for more information about the kind of feed that Peter’s Farm calves eat.

After 8 months, the meat becomes darker in colour and the term ‘rosé veal’ is used. After 12 months of age, the meat is called beef. The meat is then red in colour.

Beef comes from different breeds of dairy and beef cattle.

Stew and roast beef have longer cooking times than the same cuts of veal.

For steak and sirloin, the preparation times are practically the same. Beef has a stronger taste than veal and a slightly coarser texture.