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Buy Buffalo Meat Online

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Buy Buffalo Meat Online

Apart from being very tasty, Buy Buffalo Meat Online buffalo meat provides a great way for people to boost their intake of selenium. This is an antioxidant that helps prevent oxidative stress and reduces the increase of inflammation.

Buffalo is a nutrient-dense and lean red meat with a deeper flavor than beef. Ranchers committed to regenerative agriculture have returned these indigenous animals to their vital role on the prairie. It’s better for the bison, the planet, and you.

Indonesia is a key beef trading partner with Australia. It is expected that by 2021 there would be an increase of beef import by 160,000.

Looking after the reduced profit from Australian beef market. Sikumis.com has planned to directly connect with cattle producers by live export trade. They even said, “We still want cattle to come live to Indonesia and be fed and processed locally.”

Buffalo Meat


Siagian explained that very soon there would be a video of the cattle.

there would be a cattle story which would talk about the origin of the cattle and its breed.

He also shared that there would be images of the castles in the shipment and one would get a chance to see them as well before buying their favourite cattle.

Indonesia is the biggest market for Aussie cattle but over past two years, there has been a decline in import and increase in the import of frozen Indian buffalo meat.

The founder of the online company  Siagian said, “I think the direct online sales of Aussie beef will stop the non-premium beef from entering the market,” He even added that direct sale would be more affordable.

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