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Buy Refined Coconut Oil

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Buy Refined Coconut Oil

Buy Refined coconut oil undergoes some additional processing to make it better suited for cooking.

 It has a medium-high smoke point of 365 degrees F and is a nutritious substitute for butter. Smart Skin Uses: Luciani 100% organic refined coconut oil is a nourishing skin moisturizer, excellent makeup remover and relaxing massage oil. www.grante-foods.com. Certified organic by CCOF. Product of Philippines or Sri Lanka. Packed in California.

The process begins with pressing crude coconut oil from copra. At this step, the process may be similar to the dry extraction of unrefined coconut oil. Next, one or more of the following steps may occur, depending on the manufacturing process


  • The crude coconut oil is mix with a degumming agent to remove gums, which can change the texture and quality of the oil. The oil is wash in water to separate these gums from the oil.
  • Neutralizing. Sodium hydroxide, or lye, is add to the oil and forms a soap with free fatty acids in the oil. The oil is then wash with water, removing the soap and free fatty acids. This reduces the risk of rancidity, as free fatty acids are prone to oxidation.
  • Bleaching. The oil is “bleached” by filtering it through an activate clay filter. No bleach is used in this process.
  • As leaders in coconut product innovation, Bioriginal believes the best products begin at the source. We work closely with long-term supply contracts and multiple certified organic coconut oil producers and farmers to ensure sufficient supply, even during fluctuations.
  • Non GMO project verified. Luciani 100% Organic Refined Coconut Oil: One of the world’s most versatile and nourishing foods. With its mild flavor profile, it is great for sauteing, baking and can be use to enhance all your favorite recipes at higher cooking temperatures than its extra virgin cousin.
  • Its versatility also provides many uses in the cosmetics industry. Refine and Organic: Luciani 100% Organic Refined Coconut Oil is expeller press from organic coconuts and then gently refined to produce a more neutral flavor.