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Emily Marico tells us about the high-protein breakfast she ate every day for two months in a row


The brain behind the salmon rice bowl that went viral on the internet a few years ago, Emily Mariko is one of the most popular content creators on TikTok, with nearly 13 million followers on the platform. Their videos can be described as peaceful, classic, and ASMR-driven, with the primary sounds of each clip focusing on kitchen noises rather than commentary.

When? eating well When I was offered the opportunity to interview Mariko herself, she immediately said yes. Since each of her posts uses a few words, we were ready to delve deeper into the home cook's favorites, as well as her collaboration with Green Chef and her new curated recipe collection. Learn more about Mariko's morning routine, her top three pantry staples, and more below.

eating well: What inspired you to start posting and keep creating content?

Mariko: I always enjoy watching other creators. I definitely started out as a fan rather than a content creator on social media, and as soon as I got the courage to start posting myself, I've always followed the rule of creating only what I want to see. Lots of other content creators as well. This has always been my guiding principle in terms of my own content.

eating well: Can you tell us about your morning routine?

Mariko: One of the best changes I made last year was not having my phone in my bedroom, so I sleep with my Apple Watch on. And I use the alarm on the watch and it vibrates on your wrist instead of waking you up with a sound. Usually when I wake up, my husband is at the gym, so I have kind of a slow morning and then he comes back and makes me breakfast every day. Then we go for a walk, and then I take a shower and start my day.

eating well: Current favorite snack?

Mariko: I'm craving a bowl of yogurt. I have Greek yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, granola, chocolate chips, and honey. I've eaten it every day for two months, it's really good.

eating well: Three pantry staples you always have on hand?

Mariko: I always have rice, peanut butter, and soy sauce in my pantry.

eating well: What are your favorite meal prep tools or containers that you love?

Mariko: I use a lot of containers every week to store ingredients or all the recipes I make. My favorites are Weke Jars, and I also love glass-lock Tupperware and my trusty OXO salad spinner.

eating well: That tool in your kitchen you can't live without?

Mariko: My toaster oven is something I use more than people realize. If I make a batch of bacon and want to eat more the next day, I'll reheat it in the toaster oven. I would use it to toast nuts and seeds – I always put them on a sheet of foil and put them in the toaster oven for about 30 seconds and they come out perfect. Sometimes I make pizza there. I love my toaster oven.

eating well: Do you have a favorite rice cooker?

Mariko: I like my Zojirushi, it's a Japanese brand. But I think it's also really easy to make rice on the stove. A lot of Green Chef's recipes feature rice because it's a staple ingredient in my diet, and you definitely don't need a rice cooker to make a batch of rice. You can easily do this on a pot stove.

green chef

eating well: What inspired you to collaborate with Green Chef, and can you talk more about this new limited-edition recipe series?

Mariko: I have always felt that the Green Chef recipe was really similar to my recipe – ingredient-wise, simplicity-wise and health-wise. This is my first recipe collaboration, so I'm excited to bring these recipes to my audience beyond the screen and into the kitchens of people across the country. Each one is packed with really lovely seasonal ingredients, including a variety of fruits and healthy proteins to keep you full and satisfied. They will be available for the next four weeks from March 4, and two meals will be released each week. My favorite of the eight is the Sockeye Salmon with Sweet Heat Pan Sauce. This is a deliciously savory and sweet sauce, and as you probably know, I love salmon. All the recipes are really high quality, delicious, flavourful and really easy and convenient to make.

eating well: What does “good food” mean to you?

Mariko: Eating well means seasonal ingredients, simple food and healthy eating.


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