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Jet Ski 1300cc Three-person Motor Wave Boat

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Jet Ski 1300cc Three-person Motor Wave Boat

This is a great boat for anyone who loves to take to the water. This boat is great for a day on the lake, ocean, or any other body of water. The Jet Ski 1300cc Three-person Motor Wave Boat has an aluminum hull and a high-output, water-cooled, four-stroke engine. It also has a V-shaped hull design that is built for the waves. The boat also has three seats and is made of durable, marine-grade materials.

This is a three-person Jet Ski that can travel at speeds up to 30 mph. The Jet Ski has a 13-horsepower engine and can accommodate up to three people at a time. It has a deep-V hull that helps it cut through waves, making it easier to steer. It has a five-gallon fuel tank and a safety kill switch for an emergency shutoff.

 Three-person Motor Wave Boat

This is a Jet Ski 1300cc Three-person Motor Wave Boat. This boat is perfect for the summer, as it can be use for fun on the water and has plenty of room for three people. The boat has a wave-maker, and is design to provide the most fun possible. The Jet Ski has a wide deck, making it easy to get on and off the boat. The Jet Ski also has an attached steering wheel, so it’s easy to drive.

This is a three-person motor wave boat with a 1300cc engine. It has a single cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled engine with electronic fuel injection. The boat has a high back seat, and two smaller seats in the front. It is a very fast boat, and is also good for fishing. It has a trailer hitch and trailer.

This motor wave boat is the perfect ride for family trips, or an adventure with friends. This boat is made for those who want to go fast and have fun. It has a 1300cc engine, so it is easy to go fast and reach the maximum speed of 45 mph. This boat has a wave design and includes two seats, so it is perfect for two people.