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Frozen pork hind feet

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Frozen pork hind feet

alphatrade-ltd. offers all cuts of high-quality frozen pork meat. Our pork hind feet are available all year round. We source our pork hind feet with great care from our pork producers with whom we have long-term qualitative relationships.

We deliver our products and services to our importers in the following food sectors: industry, wholesale suppliers, foodservice distributors, and retail. Packing sizes can be tailore to individual customer requirements. We offer a wide variety of frozen pork hind feet in both retail packaging as well as catering packs.

After deep freezing by – 50º Celsius we store our products by -18º Celsius in our storage facilities.
Goods are shipped to you in special refrigerate containers of -18º.

The frozen pork hind feet were a gift from a butcher that my husband purchased from a roadside stand. They are a rare find and I can’t wait to use them in one of my recipes.

Don’t let the word “hind” turn you off. This product is frozen, so the meat will stay moist and delicious. It’s a traditional dish in many cultures, and it’s easy to prepare. Frozen pork front feet

Frozen pork hind feet For Sale

Pork is a food that is great for those with a sweet tooth and for those who want a meaty snack. These hind feet are in a frozen state and can be cook up in many ways, from using them as a topping for macaroni and cheese to dipping them in bread crumbs and frying them.

Pork feet are one of the best parts of the pig. They are low in fat and high in protein. These pieces of meat are traditionally use to make a traditional dish called stock and oxtail soup.

Imagine a deep fryer with a coating of black grease that is being cooke by a vicious and merciless flame. The smell of burnt pork is wafting around the kitchen and filling the air with a greasy, smoky, and satisfying aroma. In the corner of the kitchen, in the shade of a wooden cabinet, stands a row of plastic buckets, each one full of golden brown pieces of deep fried pork. A woman and a man are sitting at the table in front of the buckets, one in each hand. They’re having a conversation about the latest gossip in town.