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Beautiful 1969 Ram Air IV Intake manifold

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,299.00.



For sale a Beautiful 1969 Ram Air IV Intake manifold. Please look at all the pictures carefully this is a real deal intake dated April 69 that has never been glass beaded. Please see the machining Marks still on the carburetor flange area, the thermostat opening is perfect. The crossover is real deal and dated 1-6-69. I’ve had this looked at by the best of the best Pontiac experts who all were very impressed by its condition. The choke assembly is not correct it must have been changed out under warranty. I unbolted this from the motor it has been in many decades of storage.
Now while this is not for everyone please do not post emojis or negative comments. For those that know and those that need one to correct their car this is a Hens tooth.