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1967 Gto Lemans or Tempest Steering Wheel in Black

Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $425.00.



Here is a fairly nice 1967 GTO. Lemans or Tempest steering wheel in black. It’s ideal for a nice driver, and looks great at normal viewing distance. However, its far from perfect so if you are looking for something at that level, this is not it.
The biggest crack was in the collar, and the repair is visible up close. Minor cracks at the screw holes in the spokes. One is fixed somewhat. Also there is a crack in the rim(pictured).

The mount tab of one spoke was broken off, but I found the piece in the box. I believe epoxy or solder can resolve this. For whatever reason, the harness wire was cut off, but I included one I had from a fullsize car. It will have to be spliced to the 2 horn button metal switch tabs because the A body tab is a different size than full size.