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1964 Pontiac 389 Block, Crankshaft, Cyl Heads

Original price was: $3,100.00.Current price is: $2,899.00.



1964 Pontiac 389 Block, Crankshaft, Cyl Heads
Virgin Block, Cylinder Heads, and Crankshaft. 51,000 original miles running engine.
Block has been boiled & checked line honed, cam bearings in place
Have original pistons and rods that checked out good
Painted in 64 Pontiac Blue

Cylinder heads magnafluxed checked with screw in rocker studs. Have all old valves and springs
Painted in 64 Pontiac blue

Have 1964 Tri Power Completely restored with all Quality GM Parts.

Arma steel Crankshaft was reconditioned to
.010 mains .010 Journals
Have way more money in Machining than I’m asking.
Project fell through
My loss your gain