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Selling 1968 Pontiac YS Block , Heads, Cast Intake

Original price was: $1,700.00.Current price is: $1,499.00.



Selling 1 68 Pontiac YS Block , Heads, Cast Intake and all tin. Block and Heads have been hot tanked and magged. Cast # 9790071 Date : F268 Standard bore and standard crankshaft. Your choice of heads: #62’s or #16’s. The 62’s Date: G098 G118 (NOTE : ONE head is Restamped) has new exhaust seats and new valves. Needs springs. The 16’s need rebuilt and come with guide plates and rocker studs . Cast intake #9794234 Date : G128 # 346 Timing cover, windage tray, valley and oil pan, oil filter housing. 1750. Or 1450.