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Chamex Multi



Chamex Multi

The Chamex Multi and Office lines were merge as Chamex A4 75. Grammage: 75 g/m²; Formats: A4 (210 x 297 mm); Sheets/reams: 500; Reams/boxes: 5 or 10.

Oficio 75The perfect printing for work.Grammage: 75 g/m²Formats: Legal 2 (216 x 330 mm)Sheets/reams: 500Reams/boxes: 5 or 10.

Chamex Multi is a blend of multi-vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are good for the body. It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and support optimal health. The multivitamin is make of a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts that are know to be beneficial for the body.

Chamex Multi is a revolutionary hand cream that provides 24-hour protection against the elements. It’s formulate with a unique combination of healing and soothing ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter.

Chamex Multi

This mattress has been design to provide the best night’s sleep you can get. The materials use are a combination of memory foam and latex, which work together to give you the most comfort and support. The soft, plush cover is also design to keep you cool and to keep dust mites at bay.

The Chamex Multi is a multitool that can handle just about any task. This stainless steel multi-tool has 14 different tools, including a see, pliers, and wire cutters. This is a lightweight and compact tool that is easy to carry around.

Chamex Multi is a broad spectrum topical treatment for dermatitis and eczema. The formula has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action. It is design to be gentle on the skin and to reduce the risk of irritation. It is also design to be safe for children and the elderly.

The Chamex Multi is a powerful, portable power bank that will charge your phone up to three times, the iPad once, and the iPad mini twice. The power bank is a good size, coming in at just under 4 inches long and weighing less than 10 ounces. The power bank is not waterproof, but is resistant to heat and water.

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