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Buy Sheep Carcass Online

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Buy Sheep Carcass Online

Buy Sheep Carcass Online We have a variety of frozen beef cuts in stock which can be procure as per the requirements of the customers.

We are a well-known name among frozen beef exporters because we focus on timely delivery and optimum quality.

Frozen Lamb or Sheep Carcasses

  • Whole or Cut
  • A or B Grade
  • Various Brands

We offer the best quality whole/part, fresh slaughtered, frozen poultry/chicken and meat products at highly competitive prices. Buy Sheep Carcass Online

Top quality Halal poultry (chicken) and meat is in high demand in global markets and we can easily meet this demand. The highly nutritious chicken, mutton and beef can be supplied in large quantities and in a timely manner.

We offer all variations of top quality prime chicken and beef:
1. whole frozen chicken/parts/necks/gizzards/wings/livers/hearts/necks/thighs/ drumsticks/breasts etc. grade A.
2. premium Freshly slaughtered halal goat/lamb/lamb meat and cow/buffalo/bull meat whole or by parts, etc.
In all variations, boneless, boned, skinless or with skin at competitive price and packaging available upon request.

A fresh, flavorful Roast Leg of Lamb is perfect for a family dinner. Tastes great with fresh rosemary and thyme.

A taste you can trust. Nothing beats the taste of fresh meat. Makes all the difference in your dinning experience. Flavorful, moist and delicate when cooked properly.

Fresho Mutton is perfect for delicacies prepared on any joyous occasion. The carcass weight of the mutton is between 6 – 9 kg.

The juicy taste and chewy texture makes it a favourite for many people. Moreover, they come with a lot of health benefits. Buy Sheep Carcass Online

Our mutton has a moderate to strong flavour with a soft and moist texture. We have a diverse portfolio that includes a wide range of mutton products like curry cut, biriyani cut,boneless, liver, etc.